Friday, March 25, 2011

it's the little things in life...Starbucks much?

This week has been really busy with papers, so I've been spending a lot of time in Starbucks. I've been every day this week except Tuesday. I'm beginning to be a regular customer :) It's also been an exciting week, so I have lots of things that made me smile!

<3 Starbucks dates with the best friend <3 m&ms at dinner <3 being productive <3 super early, fun basketball practices <3 coffee <3 m&ms and Skippy peanut butter <3 cute little kids in Starbucks <3 Mohombi <3

yummy late night snack thanks to Britt, the supplier of my peanut butter.

<3 m&ms for breakfast <3 Rebel Without A Cause in History class <3 photo shoot with friends! <3 doing an overhaul of the blog (leave a comment and tell me what you think of the new design) <3 watching Tangled <3

 <3 this movie <3
 by the truck


<3 ending class half an hour early <3 coffee <3 lunch! <3 playing with food <3 Starbucks (again) <3 cute guys at Starbucks <3 skyping with Noelle and Beth <3 vanilla chai caramel frap <3 heels <3 Mickey Dee's with part of the team after the game <3 late night conversations with special people <3

it's kind of blurry, but I was having a conference call on skype with two of my favorite New Yorkers <3
 writing my essay....
 ...taking notes

(best day of the week by far)
<3 babysitting the mini Macs <3 hearing little kids say unexpected things <3 unexpected guests <3 almost falling out of my chair during English class <3 more Rebel Without A Cause in History class <3 Starbucks with the best friend <3 sunglasses <3 laptop covers <3 Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow <3 text messages <3

 Canon and Fisher fighting an epic battle (Fisher is complete with Star Wars costuming)
 Fisher teaching Josiah how to fight with light sabers
 Fisher's drawing of Wolverine
 My picture for Fisher. I'm really not sure what's happening in this picture, this is just what I drew. He liked it, so it's all good.
3 of my favorite things...

<3 jean skirts and tights <3 Starbucks (yeah, I'm there right now!) <3 the comfy chair <3 compliments <3 warm weather <3 veinte iced coffee with milk, sweetened <3

my purse that a middle school boy told me he liked. it's from Cambodia!

And now, I must get back to writing my Bible paper--the original reason I came to Starbucks this afternoon. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. :)

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