Saturday, March 5, 2011

did you just threaten him with a tomato?

Very early this morning (about 2 a.m.) Beth and I were having a picture fest with her webcam effects. We love webcams:

 cute one to start...
 favorite <3

This morning, we woke up and groggily got ready for a basketball clinic. I was going to play but my ankle was a little sore so I sat by and watched them do drills and scrimmage. It was a good morning and later on I hung out with Mr. and Mrs. Williams so it was pretty awesome.

After the girls finished playing, we went to Panera Bread. I haven't had Panera in forever and I was so excited. I had the best broccoli cheddar soup and caesar chicken salad ever. It was a good lunch. Mr. Williams ate all of Mrs. Williams' chips and so she waved a tomato in his general direction. Beth's younger sister, Becca asks: "Did you just threaten him with a tomato?" (hence the name of this post)

It promises to be a good Saturday. Beth is finishing up some homework and then there's a possibilty that we're going to go to a friend's play tonight. Then I'm staying here again tonight and I'll be back in my old church. It will be good to see everyone that I haven't seen yet. I like Saturdays. Here's a few more gems to send you on your way:

 awkward pointing, but I love it

 I love webcam effects
I love my Beth <3


  1. Sounds like ya'll had fun, Chelsea! <3 your blog..didn't know you had one! I do, too!


  2. thanks, Lucia! I just started it this year :)

  3. My favorite pic is the last of the first set.... : ). You guys are goofballs!