Monday, March 21, 2011

the comfy chairs at Starbucks

The comfy chairs in the corner of Starbucks are the most coveted chairs in the entire place. People sit at tables close to the chairs in the hopes that someone will vacate a chair and let them move in on the plush leather armchair. Those that sit there revel in the powerful feeling that "conquering" the comfy chairs provides them.

This morning after an early basketball practice, Brittany and I walked to Starbucks to do some studying. We've been here since about 10:45 and we've been waiting to get into the comfy chairs ever since. There was an empty one, so Brit ran over and grabbed it. We thought another guy was going to leave, but there he sits...reading every newspaper available to him. Now, Brit and I are separated as I sit at our table and she sits in one of the leather chairs. I'm just hoping the guy finishes his newspapers or the other lady decides to leave soon. She's just sitting there watching the people in the kitchen.

On another note, I've actually been slightly productive this morning. I have four papers due next week with a rough draft of one due this Friday. I haven't started any of them. I have two books to read before I can write two of them, a poem to pull apart and discuss in another, and research to do for the fourth (it's a compare/contrast paper). That's why I left campus to study here--I get more done when I'm away from people, just listening to music. Of course, blogging wasn't on my list of homework to do, but here I am doing it anyways.

I'm planning on being here all day, so hopefully I will get at least a rough draft of my poem reflection paper done and finish the annotated bibliography of my compare/contrast paper and maybe even finish reading one of the two books that I need to read AND (if I'm lucky) get a good chunk of my other book read. *sigh* I had better get back to work. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


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