Thursday, March 31, 2011

class study: History 212

Hey guys! I don't remember what class I told you I was going to today's study on, but we're going with History. History is one of my favorite classes because I love my history teacher.

See that guy right there? The one with the circle around him and the arrow pointing to him? That's my history teacher. You can see by his face he's an interesting character, but I love his classes. He's really A.D.D. and has lots of "squirrel" moments. Here are my history notes from my last class: (sorry I can't include my drawings, they're the best part about my history notes)

History 212: Dr. Mac

*paper due: 31, 2011
-book review - determine/focus on the author's argument. 
-how does she use her sources?
-is she a good authority?
-is the argument convincing?

TODAY: political developments leading up the cold war. 
Thesis: post WWII with the dropped on the atomic bomb was the last nail in the coffin of American isolationism.

Global security--
-dividing Europe
-United nations

Marshall Plan - make the world safe for capitalists

Korean War
-loss of China (1949)
-the Korean War (1950-1953)
-price of national security
1. enlarged the geographic areas of the cold war
2. shifted American policy on communism from containment to roll back
3. initiated huge American nation spending
4. 54,000 Americans died
5. people are angry at Harry Truman and the New Deal 
6. established an ominous tradition of unwinnable conflicts that left Americans skeptical of fighting and their authorities.
I will say my notes are a little sketch because I have this thing about paying attention. I draw and doodle and miss things sometimes (especially in history class) and so sometimes I have holes. But there it is folks, history at Providence. You should come visit and then go here, it's a pretty cool place! :)

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