Sunday, March 6, 2011

boys, boys, boys

As I write, Julie and I are sitting on her bed reflecting on our lives and the stupid mistakes we've made. She is possibly my best friend in the entire universe (that lives in NY) and we're pretty similar. The main topic of discussion today is boys and their stupidity and our stupidity when it comes to boys. It's fantastic.

Today was a good day at church. Its nice to be back in NY and be back in my old church. Pastor Kevin gave a sermon on John 18:1-11 which focuses on Jesus' betrayal and arrest. He particularly focused on Judas, the betrayer, and made the point that "we can be so close to God and yet still spend an eternity in hell." I mean, Judas was a disciple of Jesus, one of the inner circle and yet he betrayed his Lord. It is a bone chilling thought to keep in mind as we go through our lives.

We return to church later tonight for our evening service. I hope to see the familiar faces of people that I missed this morning. It was kind of funny because a lot of people didn't even know I was coming back to visit, so when they saw me they were wondering what I was doing there! We have a couple more hours before we leave so we'll continue our life talks and try to get a little rest in there too. Have a blessed Lord's day!

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