Monday, March 7, 2011

anyone for coffee?

I woke up this morning to the smell of maple bacon. Leah, Julie's sister, made me a wonderful breakfast of gluten free chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs, maple bacon, gluten free toast, and coffee. So yum.

My friend Sarah came over for breakfast too and then we all hung out. Leah had work at noon so after she left, Sarah and I went to Spot Coffee to talk and wait for Julie to get out of school. It was a lovely talk. I love Sarah.

We ran over to Buff State to pick up Julie at 2 then went to a Greek restaurant called Pano's for lunch. It was so good. It looked amazing too:

my salad.
Sarah's lobster mac n' cheese
Julie's turkey bacon club
my steak and mashed potatoes
Our lunch was sooo good and sooo filling. I think I'm full until tomorrow lunch. After lunch we drove to the mall and went shopping. It was pretty awesome. Oh, here are my lunch buddies:
Aren't they lovely?
On our way to a VBS planning meeting we picked up Laura, another friend and then headed to Grand Island. We had an awesome time planning the topic for this year's VBS, drinking coffee and playing Last Word. (Sarah won) After the meeting I went out for coffee with Julia, a good friend from church. We went to Starbucks and I had a white chocolate mocha.

There was definitely a consistent theme today: coffee. Surprisingly, I'm not super fact quite the opposite. After doing a short devotional with Julie, I'm going to bed. Tomorrow is an early day; I'm going with Julie to school. It'll be a fun time, I'm sure!

I'm having a wonderful time here in NY and I hope you all are having a wonderful March!

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  1. Those plates of food are making me very hungry...