Thursday, February 24, 2011

a weekend ramble

Dude! It's Thursday already! What happened to my week!? I realize that I've slept pretty much all week. 

Monday: slept til 3.
Tuesday: slept til 3. 
Wednesday: slept til noon.
Today: slept til 11. (I tried to get up at 9:45, but when I blinked it was 11:00). 

Yep, I've slept all week. AND I'M STILL TIRED. I'm really over this whole being sick thing. It's way old news. 

I actually went to class today so that was an improvement. I absolutely adore Bible class with Dr. Swanson and even when I'm sick, I feel like it's such a blessing to sit under his teaching. Today we talked about Galatians and the difference (and consequences) of walking in the Spirit and walking in the flesh. 

English 201 was cancelled today so I had more time to study for my History midterm at 3:20. When I was studying this morning, I felt like nothing was sticking in my head. After Bible, Danielle came over and helped me study and I feel like I actually knew something after we finished our mini study session. I actually just finished taking my test about half an hour ago. 

My life revolves around writing I just realized. Every day I'm writing notes in class, forgetting to do blog posts and then remembering last minute to write them. I'm writing papers and answers to test questions for midterms and quizzes. I'm writing emails to my boss for work, to my team for basketball, and to my family to catch them up on my life. On top of everything else, whenever I get the chance, I write my stories. Man, I write a lot. 

Spring break is in 6 days. I'm so excited to fly out on the 2nd and head out to New York to see all my friends. No, not New York City... Buffalo, NY. It'll be nice to see everyone and be in familiar surroundings. 

It seems like everyone from my quad is leaving this weekend. My roommate is going on a middle school retreat with her church (she's a counselor), the two girls in the room across the hall from me are leaving as well. One is going to Arizona to visit her friend for the weekend and the other is house sitting for her cousins just for tonight. Another girl is leaving Saturday to go home for Spring break and then we all disperse on Wednesday. SO CRAZY. 

I can never figure out how to end a blog post. I think if I didn't just end it abruptly sometimes, I'd just go on and on and on forever. So, this is me. Ending this blog post. 


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