Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday's Writings: Weekdays

Well folks, it's Wednesday again. As lazy as I've been about posting it may be hard to remember what the significance of Wednesdays are. On this day in the middle of the week, I post a short story or poem that I've written. This one is called "Weekdays." 

Oh, yeah, I'm still sick. I hope you like the poem!


Mondays, I stare at the sunrise,

Sparkling with a colorful grace.
Tuesdays, I gaze at the sunset,
Glowing with a radiant beauty.

Wednesdays, I hear the chuckling brook,
Tripping over hidden pebbles.
Thursdays, I listen to the wind,
Ruffling the feathers of the trees.

Fridays, I smell the baker’s work,
Cooking merrily on the stove.
Saturdays, I inhale the scents,
Wafting from the flower meadows.

Sundays, I sit in my old chair,
Thanking God for his lovely world.
Waiting for the next bright morning,
Bringing me back to the weekdays.

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