Tuesday, February 8, 2011

tu eres mi amigo?

Hola! Soy esta en clase de espanol. (I know my grammar is abominable)

Don't worry folks, we're on a break. I'm not online during class ^_^ We just finished watching Episode 1 of Mi Vida Loca.  

Mi no le gusta clase de espanol. Es cuatro horas. Way too long en mi opinion. Yeah, I'm speaking in Spanglish right now. I love that Blogger doesn't try to correct Spanglish. Apparently that has become a legit word in the English language. 

I could probably hold a conversation with someone...if it didn't get too complicated. I know words and general syntax, but I'm not very good at using the right form of the word. So I might confuse people. 

Dos minutes mas before I have to start paying attention again. Lo siento mi amigo, I must depart soon. In fact I had better go now. 

Hasta la vista!

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