Monday, February 14, 2011


I know today is Valentine's Day and everyone loves everyone. There's pink and hearts everywhere. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind Valentine's Day. It can be a cute day to spend with your special friend, but I'm not a fan. I love "love", but there's too much pink!

This year it stings a little. Last year I had a boyfriend and everything was all good. This year not so much. This year I have drama. All the drama is getting ridiculous and I'm definitely ready for it to be over. Of course it would happen on Valentine's weekend, but that's life, eh?

And I'm not bitter about V Day. Tonight the best friend and I are going out on the town. We're going to walk around Colorado Blvd. and find a place that isn't packed to eat, maybe do a little shopping, and just relax and get away from campus. We spent the weekend at her house and yesterday was her mom's birthday. It was a nice way to spend the few days before V day. 

I am sorry that I forgot to blog all weekend. The best friend doesn't have wireless internet at her house and I was just too lazy to sign onto her computer to blog. Plus, I have a paper due tomorrow that I've sort of started. I was working on it this weekend, when I wasn't watching movies, so I wasn't on the computer a lot. 

Speaking of that paper... I have to finish it. I have a couple of hours before the best friend gets out of philosophy class. We're leaving once she's out and we finish getting ready. I hope you all have a fantastic Valentine's Day. Spread the love! <3 If you're in a relationship, I hope you have fireworks :)

Chelsea Leigh

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