Monday, February 7, 2011

sweet dreams are made of this

Today was the second half of our Jewish Culture Awareness trip. We went into downtown L.A. to tour a Temple. Then, we went to a famous Jewish deli, finally ending at the Museum of Tolerance. 

It was a good day with friends. While learning about the history of the Holocaust and watching tear jerking pictures flash by on screens makes you think about life, it made me sad and grateful at the same time. Sad to think that such brutality took place...and grateful that I live where I do.

And while it is a purposeful trip, we still manage to have fun and fellowship with each other throughout the day.

When we returned to campus around 4:15 p.m. I walked to Starbucks got an amazing white chocolate mocha (YUM) then bought some milk and Nyquil at the grocery store. Then it was dinner, then organizing my life, then watching a movie for the Jewish Cultural Awareness weekend, then finally sitting down to write my history paper. 

It's due tomorrow. It's written on "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair. It's only 2-3 pages, but it was giving me problems. I tried writing it on Saturday, but only got the title written down. So when I sat down and forced myself to do it, it took me roughly an hour and a half. (with lots of Facebook breaks). 

I felt free. So I went and did more homework. I've actually read everything for all my classes tomorrow. Miracles do happen. But today was a good day. Paper and all.

Some of the highlights:

 * "Live long and prosper." * Little hobbit * Fly Like A G6 * Creamed herring (and Chicago boy) * potato pancakes * "Why do you complain so much?" * cheesecake * fist bumps * buttery popcorn * white chocolate mocha * giggle fits at lunch * Honey Nut Chex *

I feel like food makes it into these lists more often than non food items. Does that say something about me?

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