Saturday, February 19, 2011

mutants, captain crunch, and ice cream.

This past week, the best friend and I were talking about movies and she discovered that I had never seen any of the X-Men movies. (don't judge!) She freaked out and said: "You have to see them!"

So, last night we began the saga. X-Men was on Netflix, so we watched it, then I was so enthralled with them that we rented X-2 on Amazon and watched half of it. It was getting rather late, so we went to bed halfway through the second movie. 

This morning we picked up where we left off. We finished X-2, then rented X-Men: The Last Stand on Amazon and completed the trilogy. I have yet to see X-Men Origins, but that's on the to do list for the "not too distant future."

I'm rather obsessed with the movies at the moment. I can't decide who my favorite mutant is, there's too many cool ones. I do like Storm. Colossus is just awesome. Jean Grey is cool if she didn't have the whole dual personality thing going on. The best friend says there's lots of other cool mutants in the books, so maybe I'll just have to read them. 

Who's your favorite? What's the best power to have?

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