Wednesday, February 2, 2011

life was so much simpler in kindergarten

Remember kindergarten? When it was a huge deal when someone stole your crayons? The adults thought it was cute when you walked around hand in hand with your "boyfriend." Everyone was friends with everyone and it didn't matter who you were. If you were a little human being, you were allowed to play on the playground. 

Then you hit high school. The definition of high school should involve drama. He likes her, she likes him, but he likes her.... Who cares? After surviving high school with so much stupid drama, I was ready to have a break. I was praying that college would be simpler. 

Let me tell you something. It may be a little bit simpler...but not a huge noticeable difference. It's still complicated and stupid and it can be filled with drama. Honestly, I'm so sick of complicated things. Can't everyone just grow up and be mature? Why is it when there's a problem people tell everyone else about their problems with someone before the actual person finds out?

People who aren't direct and upfront about things drive me crazy. And I'm not always direct because I get scared of confronting people sometimes. But 99% of the time, when I have a problem with someone, I go talk to them. It's usually not that hard. 

Alright, enough of the rant. Moral of the story: be direct. It's so much better.

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