Friday, February 25, 2011

it's the little things in life...sleepy midterm week.

Why is it Friday already!? Next week I only have one day of classes and then I'm off to Buffalo, NY. YIKES.

So this morning, I was getting ready for the day and I had my keys in my door waiting for me. On my way out the door I walked into my keys with my hip. My first and only thought was "OUCH." 
Later on, I went to unlock my door and I realized that I had bent my key in the lock when I walked into it. 

Yep, that's my bent key! I am going to have a bruise on my hip tomorrow, I just know it.

Notification!: today's post has more pictures than normal.
<3 sleeping in until 3 p.m. <3 not doing laundry <3 making jewelry with the best friend <3 eating frosting <3

one pair of earrings that I made.
one of the necklaces.

<3 sleeping in until 3 p.m. (I'm seeing a trend here) <3 
yup, that's about it on Tuesday...that's when I came down with the flu.

<3 sleeping <3 watching the Amazing Race <3 

<3 sleeping <3 going to classes! (strange, I know but I was happy I was feeling better) <3 writing <3 listening to Pandora <3 sticky notes <3 gluten free brownies <3

<3 chapel <3 a friend on medicine (so funny) <3 eating lunch with friends <3 blog posts <3 hanging out with the best friend <3 coffee <3 rain boots <3 bent keys <3 blogging with the best friend <3

So I took these random pictures of my room today that made me laugh. My room is a disaster! I look like I've been living on my desk. and getting dressed on my bed.

 My amazing desk. It's covered with papers, ingredients, and a whole bunch of other random stuff that I don't even know about.
Yea, that's my bed. I'm sure you're jealous.
This is what happens to my room when I have classes. or when I'm sick. or when I'm just lazy! oh and then my lovely decorations:
 That's right, be jealous. I have a Speed Racer poster.
  "The Wall"
These are the sticky notes that I put on my blinds to remind me to do things this week. Aren't they awesome?

So if you're bored, make jewelry, put sticky notes up on your blinds, and make a mess of your room. I love blogging with Brit. Even if she doesn't love me taking pictures of her....

<3 I love her <3
I love pictures!

OH, oh, oh. more pictures! I love playing with Brit's camera. (and I love that she let's me)

 I'm crazy. end of story.
The other necklace I made. I really like it.
Alright, now this post is really over. I hope you all have the most lovely weekend of your life! <3

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