Friday, February 18, 2011

it's the little things in life...Valentine's week.

Every Friday, I'll be doing a post called: "it's the little things in life..." that will talk about my week and all the little things that made my week brighter. There might even be a few pictures. 

<3 Valentine's Day dinner with Brittany at the Islands <3 a wonderful family <3

<3 Having giggle fests while trying to write a paper <3 working off little sleep <3 eating junk food <3

<3 babysitting the cutest kids ever <3 almost winning our basketball game <3 no homework <3

<3 sleeping in until 11 <3 Bible class <3 coffee with Danielle <3 History class <3 babysitting the Macs <3 skyping with good friends <3 taking pictures on the webcam <3

<3 sleeping until noon <3 no classes at all <3 being the DJ for the dance club meeting <3

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