Thursday, February 3, 2011

holy cows I'm a basketball coach.

Tonight as I stood on the sidelines of a basketball court, jumping up and down every once in a while as I called out directions to my team, I realized "I'm a basketball coach... in college and I'm 18."

Sure, I've been leading practices, getting the team involved in a league, and ordering jerseys since November, but it just hit me tonight. Tonight was our first game. We're playing in a city league here in Pasadena, so the team we played against tonight was an older team. 

For our first game as a team, we didn't do half bad. There's things we need to work on for sure. But I'm proud of my team :)

After playing basketball for 7 years, I didn't want to quit. But, when I hurt my ankle this past summer the next thing on my list as far as basketball is concerned was coaching. I've always thought that "you play until you can't play anymore, then you coach." That point just came earlier than I thought it was going to with me. 

Having responsibility over a team is frightening. If they lose, it could most definitely be my fault. If something goes wrong and someone gets hurt, I'm the one in charge. Or like tonight. One of the guys on the team was driving and he broke the key to the ignition of the car trying to open the door. While I was trying not to laugh, I was also trying to figure out what in the world we were going to do. 

I love my team. And I love coaching. 


  1. So are you saying I can't play anymore???? You and me, Kiddo, one on one. You're going down. Especially if your ankle is still bad. Bwuahahahah. ;-)

    Love you, and I'm proud of you.


  2. All the best for you! You (and your family) are in our prayers! This story brought my mind (somehow) to a missionary (not saying you will be hehe, but who knows hehe), Eric Liddell, who always bore a wonderful testimony particularly when he honored God by refusing to run on Sunday in Summer Olympic, Paris, 1924.