Monday, February 28, 2011

having two English classes is confusing

I love English. It's my favorite subject and my major. This semester I have two beginning level English classes: 201 and 101. It's confusing as all get out. I can never keep my homework assignments straight. 

For example, I thought I had a paper due for 201 tomorrow when in fact it's not due until Wednesday because it's actually for 101. I was such a confused person, but I'm very happy that it's not due takes some of the pressure off. 

I should be studying for my Bible exam tomorrow right now. I haven't really started studying yet. Well, I studied a little bit earlier today, but that doesn't really count because I was pretty out of it. I have to memorize 10 verses, 1 chapter of our textbook, and 8 outlines of notes. By tomorrow. My exam is at 12:30 and I have work from 10-12 tomorrow morning. Oh, I'm going to fail, I just know it. Why do I leave everything until the last minute!?

On a completely unrelated note: my back has been in a lot of pain lately. Do you know any remedies for back pain? I think I've tried almost everything. Carrying my luggage and flying on a plane on Wednesday isn't going to help either. I just know I'm going to be jet lagged and in pain when I arrive in NY. A bundle of joy I'm going to be. It's hard to believe that I leave in two days! 

I have so much to do before I leave. Look at this crazy schedule:
Tonight: study for Bible exam, maybe do some laundry? (that's right, I still haven't done any laundry)
10:00-12:00 - work
12:30-1:45 - take Bible exam
1:55-3:10 - English 201 class
3:20-4:35 - History class
6:00-10:00 - Spanish class
10:00-whenever I finish - finish up laundry and start packing
finish packing (thankfully English 101 was cancelled)
11:30 - leave for the airport
1:55 - fly out to New York!!!

Oh hey. I just realized I'm supposed to be skyping with my friend tonight too! Yeah, the next couple of nights are going to be crazy late ones. So, I'm going to go and get started on some of this list. 

Have an enjoyable Monday night!!!


Sunday, February 27, 2011

screaming at waves

Today a group of us went down to a URC church in Terrance, CA and after the service and lunch we went to Redondo Beach. 

After the initial picture taking and happiness from the the joy of being on the beach, the best friend and I took a walk. 

 Yay for being on the beach!
 best friend ever.

We walked down the beach to the small peninsula of rocks that jutted out into the surf. Then, we climbed out on the rocks to almost the very end and sat on some of the rocks to talk. It was awesome. 

We started screaming every time a wave splashed against the rocks sending salty spray in our general direction. The bigger the wave, the bigger the scream. It was an awesome time of hanging out with my best friend, Brittany!

It was super cold today (well for Californians) and Danielle had been thrown into the ocean by one of the guys with us. She was freezing so the two of us huddled together on the beach to stay warm. 

 Today was an awesome day at the beach. Tonight we went to Mosaic church in Redondo. It was about 5 minutes from the beach. It was an awesome service and I loved the pastor. 

After church, we drove back to Pasadena and stopped at Connal's for dinner. Connal's is a little diner that is decorated like a 50's diner. It's a really awesome place. I got a couple of tacos and a chocolate peanut butter milkshake. (so yum.)

I had to hurry back so I could clean my room before my roommate got back from her weekend trip. It was a disaster and about 5 minutes after we got back, my roommate arrived. I told her she wasn't supposed to be here so she went and visited with Danielle while I threw everything in the closet. Don't worry, I clean it tomorrow. While I'm doing my laundry. 

That's right folks, I'm going to do my laundry tomorrow. It's only taken me a week...
I hope you all had a blessed Sunday and I hope you have an enjoyable week!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

awesome pj pants, pirates, and pigs in rainboots

Last night at about midnight, Danielle, Brittany, and I had a craving for pizza. So, I called Bella's, a fantastic pizza place in downtown Pasadena, and ordered a couple pizzas: a gluten free one for me and another one for D and Brit. It was raining buckets so over our pajama pants we were wearing rainboots. I have these awesome polar bear pajama pants, Danielle has plaid pj's, and Brit has red snowflake pants. We're awesome. 

We drove down to Bella's and picked up our pizza in our pajama pants. (there's or so many p-words in this post!) When we got back, we ate our pizza and talked about watching a movie but we never actually watched anything. It was a good night. Brittany found this picture of a pig wearing rainboots and thought it was super cute so it's now set as her background. I told her I was cuter than a pig in rainboots and she agreed. :)

Today was a lazy day. I slept in, then watched Legend of the Seeker for a little while. Brit came over and showed me this awesome painting she did. Then Danielle, Brittany and I went to dinner and had hilarious conversations. Especially after we were joined by our friend Sterling. I love dinner with friends <3

Brittany and I just finished watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. There are so many quotable lines in that movie. The two of us were pointing out our favorite lines. I love Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. He's definitely one of my favorite characters. I also like Will Turner (and Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swan. Kiera Knightley is one of my favorite actresses. People tell me I look like her. 

The roommate is gone for the weekend so I have the room to myself. I should probably clean it before she comes back though. It's a mess. I have to start thinking about what I'm going to pack for NY. I leave on Wednesday. I should also probably start studying for my Bible midterm on Tuesday. Good idea, huh?

with hugs and awesome pj pants,


Friday, February 25, 2011

it's the little things in life...sleepy midterm week.

Why is it Friday already!? Next week I only have one day of classes and then I'm off to Buffalo, NY. YIKES.

So this morning, I was getting ready for the day and I had my keys in my door waiting for me. On my way out the door I walked into my keys with my hip. My first and only thought was "OUCH." 
Later on, I went to unlock my door and I realized that I had bent my key in the lock when I walked into it. 

Yep, that's my bent key! I am going to have a bruise on my hip tomorrow, I just know it.

Notification!: today's post has more pictures than normal.
<3 sleeping in until 3 p.m. <3 not doing laundry <3 making jewelry with the best friend <3 eating frosting <3

one pair of earrings that I made.
one of the necklaces.

<3 sleeping in until 3 p.m. (I'm seeing a trend here) <3 
yup, that's about it on Tuesday...that's when I came down with the flu.

<3 sleeping <3 watching the Amazing Race <3 

<3 sleeping <3 going to classes! (strange, I know but I was happy I was feeling better) <3 writing <3 listening to Pandora <3 sticky notes <3 gluten free brownies <3

<3 chapel <3 a friend on medicine (so funny) <3 eating lunch with friends <3 blog posts <3 hanging out with the best friend <3 coffee <3 rain boots <3 bent keys <3 blogging with the best friend <3

So I took these random pictures of my room today that made me laugh. My room is a disaster! I look like I've been living on my desk. and getting dressed on my bed.

 My amazing desk. It's covered with papers, ingredients, and a whole bunch of other random stuff that I don't even know about.
Yea, that's my bed. I'm sure you're jealous.
This is what happens to my room when I have classes. or when I'm sick. or when I'm just lazy! oh and then my lovely decorations:
 That's right, be jealous. I have a Speed Racer poster.
  "The Wall"
These are the sticky notes that I put on my blinds to remind me to do things this week. Aren't they awesome?

So if you're bored, make jewelry, put sticky notes up on your blinds, and make a mess of your room. I love blogging with Brit. Even if she doesn't love me taking pictures of her....

<3 I love her <3
I love pictures!

OH, oh, oh. more pictures! I love playing with Brit's camera. (and I love that she let's me)

 I'm crazy. end of story.
The other necklace I made. I really like it.
Alright, now this post is really over. I hope you all have the most lovely weekend of your life! <3

Thursday, February 24, 2011

a weekend ramble

Dude! It's Thursday already! What happened to my week!? I realize that I've slept pretty much all week. 

Monday: slept til 3.
Tuesday: slept til 3. 
Wednesday: slept til noon.
Today: slept til 11. (I tried to get up at 9:45, but when I blinked it was 11:00). 

Yep, I've slept all week. AND I'M STILL TIRED. I'm really over this whole being sick thing. It's way old news. 

I actually went to class today so that was an improvement. I absolutely adore Bible class with Dr. Swanson and even when I'm sick, I feel like it's such a blessing to sit under his teaching. Today we talked about Galatians and the difference (and consequences) of walking in the Spirit and walking in the flesh. 

English 201 was cancelled today so I had more time to study for my History midterm at 3:20. When I was studying this morning, I felt like nothing was sticking in my head. After Bible, Danielle came over and helped me study and I feel like I actually knew something after we finished our mini study session. I actually just finished taking my test about half an hour ago. 

My life revolves around writing I just realized. Every day I'm writing notes in class, forgetting to do blog posts and then remembering last minute to write them. I'm writing papers and answers to test questions for midterms and quizzes. I'm writing emails to my boss for work, to my team for basketball, and to my family to catch them up on my life. On top of everything else, whenever I get the chance, I write my stories. Man, I write a lot. 

Spring break is in 6 days. I'm so excited to fly out on the 2nd and head out to New York to see all my friends. No, not New York City... Buffalo, NY. It'll be nice to see everyone and be in familiar surroundings. 

It seems like everyone from my quad is leaving this weekend. My roommate is going on a middle school retreat with her church (she's a counselor), the two girls in the room across the hall from me are leaving as well. One is going to Arizona to visit her friend for the weekend and the other is house sitting for her cousins just for tonight. Another girl is leaving Saturday to go home for Spring break and then we all disperse on Wednesday. SO CRAZY. 

I can never figure out how to end a blog post. I think if I didn't just end it abruptly sometimes, I'd just go on and on and on forever. So, this is me. Ending this blog post. 


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday's Writings: Weekdays

Well folks, it's Wednesday again. As lazy as I've been about posting it may be hard to remember what the significance of Wednesdays are. On this day in the middle of the week, I post a short story or poem that I've written. This one is called "Weekdays." 

Oh, yeah, I'm still sick. I hope you like the poem!


Mondays, I stare at the sunrise,

Sparkling with a colorful grace.
Tuesdays, I gaze at the sunset,
Glowing with a radiant beauty.

Wednesdays, I hear the chuckling brook,
Tripping over hidden pebbles.
Thursdays, I listen to the wind,
Ruffling the feathers of the trees.

Fridays, I smell the baker’s work,
Cooking merrily on the stove.
Saturdays, I inhale the scents,
Wafting from the flower meadows.

Sundays, I sit in my old chair,
Thanking God for his lovely world.
Waiting for the next bright morning,
Bringing me back to the weekdays.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

so about that laundry..

so remember that laundry that I left to go do yesterday? yeah, that didn't happen. Instead, I watched tv shows online and did nothing. 

I did have basketball practice so I did something slightly productive with my day. The team looks better each time they get together and play ball. I'm excited for our game on Wednesday night: it should be a good time. 

At about 10:30 p.m. last night, Brittany messaged me on facebook and asked me to come over and hang out. We hadn't really seen each other all day so I was happy to oblige. 

We ate frosting and I made jewelry (yay!) and watched half of a movie. All in all it was fantastic Monday and I have a higher respect for Brit's jewelry making skills after struggling through making a few things last night. 

I set my alarm for 8:30 this morning so I could take a shower before work. I hit snooze a couple times before completely turning it off. I didn't get up right away because I had a major headache. Suddenly, I looked at my phone and it was 11:05. Thinking to myself, "dang it." I crawled out of bed and emailed my professors that I wasn't coming to class today. I think I might be getting the flu or something along those lines. 

I slipped back in bed and pulled the blankets over me, fell asleep and woke up at 3:05. What is it with me and 3 p.m.? I really hope I'm not getting something serious; I plan on taking medicine and resting so I get better asap. 

My laundry is never going to get done...

Monday, February 21, 2011

9 days. ...say what!?

Another Monday has come into my life. Now that I'm at school, (and I don't have classes on Mondays) I have become very thankful for Mondays. It's another day to sleep in and it's my clean-my-room, laundry, do-dishes day. 

Today, I did not get out of bed until 3 p.m. (yes, I know I'm lazy and it's late in the afternoon.) I got up, cleaned my room because it was a terrible disaster, and almost did my dishes. That's next on the agenda, along with laundry. 

The past few days have been lovely. Since Thursday I have slept in until 10 a.m. or later. Yesterday, it was an accident as both the best friend and I overslept our alarms thereby missing our chance to get to church. So, we listened to a sermon online, and had our own moments of devotions. 

This week is looking busy. Tomorrow, I have work and three classes. Wednesday, I have the first part of an Essay due for my ENG 101 class and a 7:50 p.m. basketball game, plus four hours of work. Thursday, I have a History midterm, but no ENG 201 class. Friday, a rough draft of my ENG 101 Essay is due and I have work. I think it will be manageable, if I can memorize all the History terms, but rather busy. 

Then, next week I only have one day of classes: Tuesday. However, it will be a busy day. I have a Bible exam and the finished draft of my ENG 101 Essay. It will be worth it though because the next day begins Spring Break! I fly out at 1:55 p.m. to go to Buffalo, NY to visit my friends that I have not seen in 6 months. I'm so excited to spend two weeks there visiting everyone. It's so crazy that I leave in 9 days!! It seems as if yesterday I was getting back to school for Spring semester. Time is flying by way too fast. 

Speaking of which, it's already 4:18 and I have some laundry and dishes to attend to. Have a lovely Monday!

Chelsea Leigh.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

mutants, captain crunch, and ice cream.

This past week, the best friend and I were talking about movies and she discovered that I had never seen any of the X-Men movies. (don't judge!) She freaked out and said: "You have to see them!"

So, last night we began the saga. X-Men was on Netflix, so we watched it, then I was so enthralled with them that we rented X-2 on Amazon and watched half of it. It was getting rather late, so we went to bed halfway through the second movie. 

This morning we picked up where we left off. We finished X-2, then rented X-Men: The Last Stand on Amazon and completed the trilogy. I have yet to see X-Men Origins, but that's on the to do list for the "not too distant future."

I'm rather obsessed with the movies at the moment. I can't decide who my favorite mutant is, there's too many cool ones. I do like Storm. Colossus is just awesome. Jean Grey is cool if she didn't have the whole dual personality thing going on. The best friend says there's lots of other cool mutants in the books, so maybe I'll just have to read them. 

Who's your favorite? What's the best power to have?

Friday, February 18, 2011

it's the little things in life...Valentine's week.

Every Friday, I'll be doing a post called: "it's the little things in life..." that will talk about my week and all the little things that made my week brighter. There might even be a few pictures. 

<3 Valentine's Day dinner with Brittany at the Islands <3 a wonderful family <3

<3 Having giggle fests while trying to write a paper <3 working off little sleep <3 eating junk food <3

<3 babysitting the cutest kids ever <3 almost winning our basketball game <3 no homework <3

<3 sleeping in until 11 <3 Bible class <3 coffee with Danielle <3 History class <3 babysitting the Macs <3 skyping with good friends <3 taking pictures on the webcam <3

<3 sleeping until noon <3 no classes at all <3 being the DJ for the dance club meeting <3