Monday, January 31, 2011

this time baby, I'll be bulletproof.

Some people bash relationships and some people praise them to the skies. After "falling in love" too many times, I've become rather cynical about relationships. But I've also reached a conundrum. I'm a cynic....and a hopeless romantic. I keep hoping that every guy I start to fall for will be different. But when I realized they're just the same as every other guy out there, I'm not surprised.

I'm not going to go into my love life, but suffice it to say romance is overrated. So many people are in a rush to fall in love and get married, but there's no rush. I'm being patient (finally) and I've decided that unless God drops a guy in my lap with a sign around his neck that says: "HE'S THE ONE" I'm not dating anyone.

Sure, one of these days I'd like to be married and have a family. But I'm not in any hurry. I've finally realized that I'm content where I am in life. I'm happy being single and having lots of good friends. Besides, I'm busy with school. Do I have time to commit to one person right now? Not really. God knows my future, and it's definitely time to trust Him and leave it all in His hands.

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